Seven Steakhouse & Sushi | 700 Hennepin Ave, | Minneapolis, MN 55403

Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CDT)

The event theme was inspired by  CULTURE, AFRO, & GLAMOUR

We kicked off the event at 6pm with a POP UP SHOP and  VIP social. There was a 15% discount off the items.

The cultural piece

I am big on African CULTURE  and “Mortal Kombat” the video game. So I selected a few of my favorite characters from the game and incorporated them in creating masks from African fabrics. The glasses on the other hand, were inspired from the granny glasses.

The afro piece

The runway was inspired by my African heritage AFRO. The highlight of the night was our NINA tops, where we played with accessories and African materials. Check out our product page and check our Instagram page for highlights from the night.

The glamour piece

We ended the night with the GLAMOUR piece, which gave the audience a sneak peek of what is to come in our LUX HUB COLLECTION. Our dresses are known for their timeless silhouettes and impeccable craftsmanship. Fulbekloset dresses, are ultimate in femininity.

During the course of the event, there were many surprises. Our event was hosted by Laura Ngeh and comedian Kwame Anderson (Kwamedyshow). In addition to that, we had  power house performances by STA-fruit and Alec Waters.

Music by ShortleggDJ & DJK-Little

Photography by Julzimages & Visuals Images

Videography by Power-Entertainment