Meet the FULBE Team. The team consist of individuals with qualified backgrounds in the fashion and creative industries. Collectively we bring you some of the finest fashion apparel money can buy. Our Event Coordinators plan and execute most of our fashion shows in and around the twin cities. For future relationships please contact us via phone or email and a representative will be in-touch within 24hrs.

Aisha Umar, Founder & CEO

Born in Nigeria, raised in England now living and pursuing the American dream with a background in LLB Law and International Business with experience as a VAT specialist (Value Added Tax).

Being a private personal shopper, with 10 plus years experience in fashion retail, visual merchandise & sales.  I’ve worked with different clients from different backgrounds and ethnicity. My goal is to go in-depth to source trendy designs with the drive to meet our client’s needs.

Educational Background

I earned my degree in Law and International Business in England, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Leadership USA, and Business Leadership (Certificate) at Harvard Business School.

Fashion background/Experience

Cartier, Mont Blanc, Selfridges London, French Connection UK, Next London,White Company London, Zara Bluewater Dartford, and Forever 21 USA.

Fashion and sewing has always been my passion, starting from my mother who used to sew our clothes. My mother made sure all her girls learned some sort of hand work from sewing to baking. She enrolled my sister and I in sewing school through a local tailor. I did that every Saturday and Sunday in Kaduna (Nigeria). My love for fashion illustrations started from sketching cartoon and Disney characters which I am still learning.


My motto is to be creative because, creativity separates you from everybody.

Laura M. Ngeh, Event Co-Ordinator

I was born in Cameroon. My family decided to move to the United States when I was very young. Four years ago, I gave birth to two amazing kids. Shortly after giving birth, I was diagnosed with heart diseases. The doctors told me I was going to die. I was also once told that I won’t make it.

Having my type of heart disease, and having not one but two kids would drive me into an early grave. See! When they say God is good, I used to just agree. But here is my testimony! My God is great! No man can determine if you are going to die but God.

The purpose of this story is that we all go through hard times, we have lots of obstacles that stops or pauses us from doing what we think it’s good for our future. Then again, we forget to  pray about our situations and to give thanks to God who gave us life. Nothing is impossible with God. Always remember knowledge is power. The more you know, the great places you will be taken

Laura is a 2nd grade teacher at CPE. Graduated from Concordia University, MN with Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and Education.

Grad Program: Family Science and Counseling.

Laura is a mentor and a motivational speaker.

Ommah Lawal CO-Creative  Director

I was born on 6th Oct 1991 in Nigeria. Growing up in an extended family with six females around me always playing dress-up, I developed interest in fashion and makeup.

I was always amazed by the stunning outfits they put together each time they had an occasion. My love for fashion grew as time passed, and I began to play dress-up myself.

I  received a lot of praises and admiration about my outfits from people each time I went out. This inspired me to branch out into the fashion world, not only for business purposes, but because I am passionate about it.

I graduated with a BSc. in aeronautics, but hey! Look who I’ve become now, a fashion designer. I love to travel, because it is inspiring to see different cultures, traditions, and people around the world. I derive pleasure in making people look  and feel good. Now that’s the business I enjoy!

Collins Oppong, Event Director

Collins is an affable, a great communicator and a naturally smooth man with unique talent that spans public speaking, event hosting, social advocacy, promotion and fashion.

Fashion comes to him naturally, which is quite evident in what he chooses to wear for every occasion. He has an incredible color selection.
Over the past years he’s been in the US, he has been part of delivering events excellence to banquet top notch programs at the prestigious Radisson Blu at the MOA, a 4-Star hotel in the twin cities. His endearing persona naturally draws people closer to him, as he takes the time to interact, inspire and engage.
Collins gets things done. He has an eagle eye that identifies what  needs to be done at every stage of an event and marshals earnest efforts to see it happen. He provides luxury without pretense.

Choosing him as the Event Manager for FulbeKloset came rather easy. He brings his worth of experience from the hospitality industry to bear and is poised to engineer great innovations that will soon vault FulbeKloset into a household name. Collins doesn’t settle for less.
He’s currently pursuing a course in Business Administration that will prepare him to begin a Master’s program in Business Management. He works as Client Service Manager for an Ameriprise franchise practice.

When he’s not behind his desk, hosting an event or providing outstanding guest experience, Collins likes to go on hiking with close friends, swim, check out new cocktails in the twin cities or just keep  up-to- date with new fashion trend

Olamide Jide, Co-Creative Director

Born on September 10,1988, and I hail from Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. I come from a family of four.

Graduated from Madonna University. While doing my youth service corps in Abuja, one day I got fed up with it and decided to quit my job. I stayed home for a while, without a job until a friend of mine called me and told me about his sister’s fashion house. I eventually started working as one of her tailors, and that’s how I ventured into the fashion scene.

While I was in the university, I was well known for my fashion sense that my friends named me “SWAG JAY.”  My dad is my greatest fashion mentor. He is always looking good. I made sure I observed and learned every single thing from him, it is sad that he is late now and will forever be remembered. May his soul rest in peace. I will describe myself  as a chameleon when it comes to fashion.

For me fashion is a life style that should not be forced or copied. My love for fashion increases every single day.

Ken Nwokike, Co-Creative Director

I am a full bred Nigerian, born in Enugu, Nigeria. I am a first class graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering and have a very strong science background. However, I have always had a niche for fashion, and looking good. My friends were always looking forward to what outfits I would show up with at events. Hence, people started asking me where I make my outfits, so I thought instead of modeling for free, I could do it for myself. That is why I ventured into the fashion industry.
Navigating through the fashion industry has been a wonderful journey. It has given me so much joy making people look good, the feedback I receive has been my greatest motivation.